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Our Newsletter


Office of the Santa Rosa Republican Newspaper 1900. Courtesy Sonoma County Library Collection.

The Historical Society of Santa Rosa publishes a quarterly newsletter filled with enjoyable and informative articles, memoirs and photos. The newsletter is sent  to members through the post office or electronically.

  • Members are urged to keep contact information current via the My Account page or by emailing the HSSR.
  • Not yet a member? Please consider joining. Membership dues are tax deductible and support all HSSR events.
  • You may find the newsletter alone is worthy of membership.

An archive of past newsletters is available here. We hope you enjoy them.

HSSR Newsletter content may not be utilized or reproduced for any purpose without the express permission of the HSSR.



Sonoma County Fairgrounds 1929


Sonoma County Fairgrounds 1948


Sonoma County Fairgrounds 1965



Sonoma County Fairgrounds 1971

Submit your articles for the HSSR Newsletter! 

The HSSR is looking for articles to fill the pages of its newsletter. Submissions can range from research about the history of Santa Rosa and its people to personal reminiscence and anything in between. Photos accompanying text are especially welcome.

While payment is not available, writers will experience the joy of seeing their names in print and and sharing their work with a wide audience of readers. Please submit articles without anchors and in unformatted text. A length of 500 to 1,000 words is desirable.  Please submit photos separately from text but provide identity of subjects and other relevant information. Email  submissions to Newsletter@HistoricalSocietySantaRosa.org or mail them to PO Box 164, Santa Rosa, CA 95402.

All submissions are subject to editing and become the property of the HSSR. Photos physically submitted will be returned.

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