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About Us


Burbank home and gardens circa 1900

We, at the Society, believe that to truly understand where we are and where we are going, it is necessary to know from where we have come. Our history is rich and interesting. We can take pride that Santa Rosa was pronounced “the chosen spot of all the earth” by Luther Burbank, world renowned horticulturalist.




The Historical Society of Santa Rosa was created to take a critical look at our shared past and to make that “story” available for the edification and enjoyment of the citizens of our fair city. The original group of people who came together recognized that for far too long our history has gone untold as we worked to make Santa Rosa the business hub of Northern California. While looking to the future we have forgotten what made us great.


Old Adobe, first house built in Santa Rosa, image circa 1900-1910







Many of our most important relics and legacies were left in disrepair or forgotten completely. Sites such as the Carrillo Adobe, the Fountain Grove Round Barn and the Hoag House been allowed to literally melt into the soil in our rush to be “modern.” The HSSR works to make these places and many others known and appreciated by the citizens of our city.

We hope you enjoy our programs and encourage you to become a member to help strengthen our efforts and to share our past with us.  Please click here to join us.

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